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Hard At Work Show

Hard At Work is the show where we talk about the nerdy stuff we talk about at work, to distract us from work, recorded at work. Each week Matt and Nick take their lunch break to talk about the latest in Geek Culture news and events, their lives, and engage in occasional toilet humor. Join them in the conference room and become a Coworker!

Jan 7, 2021


On this week's "Lunch Break", the guys go over everything they did over their holiday break! It's been a couple weeks so they have A LOT to go over. Topics include Apple Juice, The Office, Mundet soda, McDonald's breakfast, Matt's mom is bored of him, Smalltown Murder, The Mandalorian, Chef, Marvel Unlimited, Matt's grandmother, corndogs, attempted murder, Glen, Sonic the Hedgehog, and of course, Matt's snack bag. Enjoy!